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“Ann's Cottage” - History
Hill Yard cottage is one of those places that has, “Welcome, come and visit me”, written all over it, but has changed little in its outward appearance since it was built in the eighteenth century.
Hill Yard CottageHill Yard Old
Hill Yard Cottage
In those days, it formed part of a community of farms and smallholdings down the lane from the road known as Daleside East. At the top of the lane was a well stocked shop which served not only the immediate community, but supplied the miners' dwellings right across the whole of Rosedale Eastside. Even in the 1930s it had a staff of 5, but alas is now no more.
The lane itself consisted of farms and smallholdings, with Hill Farm on the left, Craven Garth at the bottom, and Hill Yard Cottage, originally a farm on the right. As with many of “Lord of the Manor” estates, this area was no different, Rosedale East being part of the Milburn Estates. In 1947, most of the estate was divided and sold off, Hill Yard cottage being one of them.
Anns Cottage RosedaleAnns Cottage Rosedale
Hill Yard Cottage
In the 1980's the buildings on the left of the lane were demolished, just leaving Hill Farm as being original. Craven Garth farm being very much as it was today at the lane bottom, although the farm house has been altered. Its farm buildings have been updated, but as with Hill farm, everything can be clearly seen in photographs of the time.

Hill Yard Cottage comprised of the main cottage, with a byre and smithy attached, with doors that led to the lane for access. Alongside was an outbuilding, now converted into “Ann's Cottage” The inside of Hill Yard cottage has seen the introduction of mains electricity in the 1950's which oddly enough came after the telephone reached this part of Rosedale Valley. Oil lamps look quite romantic these days during an evening at dinner, but when they were the only source of light, could be quite a task to maintain.

The present owners, Ann and Colin, have transformed not only the Cottage into a high quality home that anyone would be proud of, but care about the people that not only visit them, but stay in “Ann's Cottage”and “The Old Smithy”.
“Hill Yard Cottage” - 2006

Updated - Friday, 3rd January 2020
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